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Stepping out of my comfort zone, trying different languages and web frameworks.

For the longest time, I've been developing on the Microsoft technology stack, with MVC using C# for web application development, WCF for web services, MS SQL server for the database, and of course, Windows and IIS for the OS and web server. But I then started asking myself... is this the best way to develop? What are some of the other languages and web frameworks like?  Easier? Harder? I knew I didn't want to really mess around with PHP, just because I don't like how the code feels like spaghetti code of classic ASP.  Another reason for not going PHP is due to performance benchmarks. Here's a neat site that shows how programming languages compare in performance: I decided to try out the Python language, using the Django web framework thinking that it would perform fairly quickly due to the fact that it creates "compiled" files, but found that simple web pages r